Smart SquareGlow Flasher

The Smartest Flasher in the Accessibility Field

SquareGlow's Smart Assistive Wi-Fi Technology controls an entire home of SquareGlow Smart lighting from anywhere, all networked together and controllable by the SquareGlow App. 

How It work:

1. Register your products: Start by registering each device in the SquareGlow App by following the on-screen prompts.

2. Personalize your control: Once your products are registered in the SquareGlow App, all of our SquareGlow receiver, window sensor, door sensor, doorbell, etc. can be controlled from anywhere right-out of the box – with no hub needed. You can control individual products, multiple products by grouping them in the app, or customized scenes. As well as connect them directly without the internet. *

3. Control your home while you’re away: Enjoy control of your smart home devices no matter where life takes you – from on the sky to on the moon. When you’re out-of-home, you’re still in control.

Comfort. Security. Control. Confidence.

·Control lights in your entire home: connect all of your SquareGlow Accessories and you will be alert by activated accessories through flashing along with creating your own ambiance in your entire home, control them your way.

·Control all products with one app: Use the SquareGlow App to create custom scenes, set schedules, and control multiple accessories at once – even if you’re away from home.

·Away-from-home control: Control your lights and get notified for any of your activated accessory from anywhere in the world with the SquareGlow App.

·Maximum security and peace of mind: Only smart flasher that has dual technology on the market: stand-alone and over wi-fi technology. It means guarantee up-time and safety; with or without the internet! For up to 600 feet (200m) and you will be notified anytime any of your SquareGlowis activated along with log history.

·Stand-Alone Wireless (without internet): SquareGlow Smart Flasher will still respond to any activated SquareGlow accessories when internet is down.*

· Compatibility – Compatible with iOS, Android, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and 433MHz

SquareGlow is a blessing: See how SquareGlow products provide more comfort, security, control, and confidence in your life – all from one app.

How SquareGlow family of stand alone and smart products can work together in one app to bring security and value to your life.

·Peace of Mind: Keep your home and your love one safe and secure – no matter where you are

·Ambiance: Create the perfect environment for every room in your home.

·Convenient: Stay connected to lights and devices in different ways, from different places.


Glow. Your Way.

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