Making home assistance safer and comfortable for our loved ones

As a caretaker, I am blessed to have SquareGlow's SOS as an extra measure of protection on top of all our customers! It lets me know that no matter what happens outside and how busy we are in the building, they've got my back.


Device Sharing

Give all your loved ones or staff access to the device share list so they can be notified when you need them. You'll know about emergencies such as fire before anyone else!

Customizable Flash Color

You could customize all colors to easily identify any situation. For example, set red for fire and purple for staff members when your loved ones needs some help.

Name Your Accessories

You could make your notifications and surrounding awareness more interesting by renaming all of the things you have in your house with a new, witty title. 

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Senior or Disabled People

What if someone was living alone and had a panic attack? What would the worst-case scenario be for someone in this situation, say they are stuck on their own with no one to call? 

  • The elder fell and can't get up.
  • An emergency situation like breath shortness, heart attack and being helpless..
  • When the situation is urgent, you are unable to get a caregiver's help.
SquareGlow - SOS

SquareGlow's SOS 

With our SmartGlow devices, they can now access to SOS and send notifications of their location/status by giving the power-word. They can be notified anywhere as long as they have mobile or watch notifications.

Caregiver away being at peace in the mind and knowing their love one is always on call through their phone/watch notification.

Blind People

Blind people are not aware of their surroundings in the house. If a threat or burglar person enters without letting them know? What could happen is they get hurt, and that can't be good for anyone.

Alarm System - SOS

SOS is the perfect alarm system, as it alerts your close family and friends to come save you while waiting for a police officer's arrival. SOS will lead to quicker response time and better chances of survival.

Flasher tone will alert you when someone enters your home or activates any of the devices in the house. You can customize what tone plays for each event, so if you are blind and need to know when somebody opens their window, then set up Flasher Play with this specific setting!



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Top Customer Service

We'll work with our individuals to ensure they are taken care of like their own family!

1 Year Warranty

We're so confident in our products that we offer a 1-year warranty on all of them.


SquareGlow™ Tap it
SquareGlow™ Tap it
SquareGlow™ Tap it

SquareGlow™ Tap it

doorbell remote control
doorbell remote control

SquareGlow™ Doorbell/Remote

wireless doorbell transmitter
wireless doorbell transmitter
SquareGlow™ Phone/VP Transmitter

SquareGlow™ Phone/VP Transmitter

home security sensors
home security sensors

SquareGlow™ Sensor


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