Create a better accessibility experience in your home

SquareGlow is a life-changing experience for me as a Deaf person living in the house. It provides me with opportunity to feel fully abled as hearing people do.


SquareGlow - Product Feature
SquareGlow - Product Feature

Customizable Flash Color and alerted 

You could customize your home with 8 different colors for every door, window, accessory, and more. You set your front doorbell purple. You set your window red. And when someone presses it, you'll know that they're at the front of the house because their light will flash purple and if anyone opens a window then all lights flash red!

Notification by phone and watch 

Home or Away, you’ll always know what is happening at home. You’ll be notified by any of your accessories anytime they are activated with the notification names and all that good stuff. Keep up with SquareGlow Accessories for a peace mind!

Device Sharing

Give all your loved ones or staff access to the device share list so they can be notified when you need them or there is an emergency. Not limited just this, but now with these new features if a fire breaks out as well and someone notices it first then everyone will know what's going on at once because of notifications!

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Deaf & Hard of Hearing People

People often get themselves confused when they see the lights flashing in their houses because they don't know which signal corresponds with what - leading them to miss important phone calls or package deliveries as soon as these began being delivered by couriers.

Be Awareness 100% 

With SmartGlow, you'll always know when someone has entered through an open window or knocked on your door. When a person opens the windows of your home, SquareGlow will alert them with flashing red lights; and if they ring the bell to come in- it flashes blue (or green) for extra awareness about their surroundings.

In control of your accessibility in the house 

With wireless doorbells, tap-it devices and VP transmitters from SquareGlow you can have a fantastic time being in control of what's going on around you! if there are loud noises nearby so it doesn't go unnoticed - even from far distances!



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Top Customer Service

We'll work with our individuals to ensure they are taken care of like their own family!

1 Year Warranty

We're so confident in our products that we offer a 1-year warranty on all of them.


SquareGlow™ Tap it
SquareGlow™ Tap it
SquareGlow™ Tap it

SquareGlow™ Tap it

doorbell remote control
doorbell remote control

SquareGlow™ Doorbell/Remote

wireless doorbell transmitter
wireless doorbell transmitter
SquareGlow™ Phone/VP Transmitter

SquareGlow™ Phone/VP Transmitter

home security sensors
home security sensors

SquareGlow™ Sensor

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