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I am so glad that I have SquareGlow's smart flashes. Whenever it's needed, students are always curious and immediately turn to face the source of a bright flash! Colorful!


Customizable Flash Color and alerted 

When you customize different 8 color alerts on your accessories, like doorbells and callers, not only will you know where they came from but everything around them. Ie; if my classroom has a purple light flashing when someone presses the bell it means there is an emergency or that we are doing fire drills! Safety 100%

Notification by Phone and Watch 

Mind Peace with the SquareGlow accessories™, you'll always know what's happening at your school when any of them are activated! You'll be notified by all of your devices anytime it is triggered and also each device will display its name so that you can identify which one did just send a notification to remind yourself or somebody else about something important.

Device Sharing

You don't have to worry about missing anything anymore with your device share list. Give all of your staffs or students access and they will be the first to know when there is an emergency, such as a fire alarm going off or gunfire heard in another part of campus!

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Emergency Alert

  • In emergencies such as fires, natural disasters, and shooting incidents at school, knowing what will provide safety for students may not always be clear cut.
  • The emergency lights color is customizable, so when one of those bad scenarios arises and your students notice the emergency light on top of their heads in a new hue they will know what's going on before anything gets too crazy.

Principal Call

  • Any teachers have to deal with students who disrupt their class and it can be difficult for them to keep checking on their email or text when the principal is not close by. 
  • With SquareGlow's Smart Kits, which will automatically n1otify a teacher if they are needed in another room! We designed this product so that there would always be an easy way of connecting teachers and principal quickly. 

Students Attention

  • These days, it's not always easy to get the attention of every student in class.  Sometimes teachers couldn't do anything to get their student's undivided attention.
  • With SquareGlow’s kits teachers can just click a remote and turn on light flashes or sound signals to keep all nearby kids under control!



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SquareGlow™ Tap it
SquareGlow™ Tap it
SquareGlow™ Tap it

SquareGlow™ Tap it

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doorbell remote control

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wireless doorbell transmitter
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SquareGlow™ Phone/VP Transmitter

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home security sensors

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