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Accessibility Unlocked: SquareGlow App

Introducing the relvolutionary new app for total control of your home's alert and lighting system - control it remotely from anywhere in the world with ease, never miss an alert or fumble for light switches again, and add a layer of security for your loved ones or those who need it. 

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Smart Accessibility Devices, Smarter Controls

SquareGlow is an intelligent accessibility system revolutionizing accessibility and giving everyone complete control over all aspects of it with their innovative devices and helpful app!

SquareGlow Red Glowd

SquareGlow Lights

SquareGlow light allows you to control 8 color lights from anywhere in your building, home, school, more. So you can ensure safe accessibility for everyone at all times.

SquareGlow Tap It

Tap It

Tap It is a portable vibrating alert unit that can be worn by the user on their belt, in their pocket, or around the neck. An emergency calling device for people who are deaf/blind or have visual impairments.

SquareGlow Alert App

SquareGlow App

SquareGlow App is so easy and convenient because it can be personalized, have schedules set up with multiple accessories activated without having to step foot in front of them!

Meet the SquareGlow Family 

SquareGlow is where you can find the best smart assistive products on the market. SquareGlow has all those smart, assistive products you need in home or office or school, and will transform the way everyone lives.

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SquareGlow Mobile APP

Simplifying your experience accessibility with SmartGlow

The option to make your house more accessible and convenient is now here. You can set the tone of voice, color options for easy identification, notifications - all with a simple click on an app with SquareGlow!

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Home Assistance

May 21, 2021 Muneeb Bhatti

Home Owner

May 21, 2021 Muneeb Bhatti

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