HomeKit with two USB cable and two USB wall adapters (US)

HomeKit with two USB cable and two USB wall adapters (US)

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The SquareGlow HomeKit is a stand-alone home alert system that includes:

  • A wireless doorbell
  • A phone signaler with an RJ-11 cable
  • Two wireless flashers with seven customizable colors
  • A 23a 12v battery (preinstalled in the remotes)
  • Four screws
  • Two micro USB adapters
  • Two power USB adapters

The HomeKit alerts you with flashing lights when you have an incoming landline phone call, video phone call, or visitors at your door, so you never miss an important call or delivery. The system has a range of up to 200 yards (600 feet) and allows you to customize the flashing colors to identify where each signal comes from. It also allows you to pair an unlimited number of units with easy frequency code setting.

The flashers give you two power options: you can either plug them in with the included micro USB adapters and a power source using the included power USB adapters, or use AA batteries (not included). The doorbell and phone signaler use a 23a 12v battery (preinstalled).

If you prefer to control your accessory using the SquareGlow app, you will need to purchase a SquareGlow Smart Flasher in addition to this product. With the Smart Flasher, you can adjust the settings through the app. If you prefer to work with the accessory manually, you can do so by adjusting the settings on the flashers directly.

We also sell connections for intercoms (email for more information). Upgrade your home alert system with the SquareGlow HomeKit.

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