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SquareGlow is by far the most versatile and easy to use smart assistive device on today’s market. From their connectivity, Wi-Fi options, sleek design or even Google and Alexa Home integration they have mastered all angles of a customer's needs while staying affordable for any budget. 

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Julio - CEO of SquareGlow

The Story of SquareGlow

Julio Rodriguez is a founder of SquareGlow. He was born as a native Deaf in the Deaf community and due to his inability to hear or speak he often got confused when there were sudden flashes of light. He also had trouble knowing if someone knocked on another room's door because it didn't sound like anything at all - which made him feel unequal compared to hearing people who could use their ears for these things.

Julio's research journey was a long one. It took him several years just to find something, anything that could help people with disabilities live life equally and fully.

Today, SquareGlow is a company that brings you the latest in innovative and smart assistive technology with a focus on product design to help people live better.

SquareGlow is also dedicated to providing an inclusive environment for all employees with disabilities. With so many on the SquareGlow team being Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing, they have an excellent understanding of what's needed when it comes to accessibility.

We understand the best for our people.


You'll never miss your delivery again with notification by phone and watch.

Window Sensor

You'll never have to worry about Bulgary again, because we're 100% home secured. Home or away.

Outdoor Sensor

You will always know when someone is at your doorstep or around the corner.

Phone Call 

You won't have to worry about missing important calls ever again!

SquareGlow - Life Experience Enchancement

Life experience enhancement

SquareGlow is all about making your home more accessible and convenient. 

Full Control 

They offer smart assistive kits that let you customize the tone of voice, color options to make things easy for seeing impaired people who need help with identification, or notifications - all with a simple click on an app!

SquareGlow - Full Control

Let's Get Started!

So Easy. So Quick. 

SquareGlow - Register Products


Register your products

Registering your device app is easy and hassle-free. Follow the on-screen prompts step by step to get started in no time!

SquareGlow - Personalize Control


Personalize your control

You can customize and control any of our receivers, sensors, doorbells from anywhere right out the box with no hub needed.

SquareGlow - Control Anywhere


Always in your control

Enjoy control of your smart devices no matter where life takes you – from on the road to on the beach. When you’re out-of-home, you’re still in control.

SquareGlow Support

We're here to help

We are here for you! We have a variety of ways to get in contact with us - from FAQs and how-to videos, to phone lines or email.

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