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  • How does this work?

    • Pain: People often get themselves confused when they see the lights flashing in their houses because they don't know which signal corresponds with what - leading them to miss important phone calls or package deliveries as soon as these began being delivered by couriers. 
    • Solution: Never miss an important moment with SquareGlow. The perfect solution for the forgetful, SmartGlow lets you know when packages are delivered to your door and who is ringing at your front gate. Choose from one of eight colors that will light up in response to different events such as phone calls or surprise visitors or someone in the yard. With this new technology installed around the house, everyone can never lose track of what's happening no matter where they are. So make sure we'll always know when anyone’s coming …or going with SquareGlow!
    • Pain: When you think about it, something as simple and routine like falling can lead to all sorts of physical pain or injury. If your grandfather fell—or any loved one for that matter— needs your help - but what can you do? There should be an emergency alert system for seniors or any loved ones to call when they need assistance so that someone will come by with the fastest response time possible!
    • Solution: The SmartGlow system is the safest way to protect your loved ones when you can’t be there. You can set up a SOS alert on your phone or watch and receive notifications if they need help, have had a fall, are home alone, made an emergency call from another location (like in case of robbery), etc., without ever having to worry about who might pick up the phone! Smart Assistive SoS let seniors or anybody select what independence they want while still keeping them safe from potential danger every day!
    • Pain: Break-ins and burglaries remain as the most talked about property crime in America. It’s been on a steady rise for years, but people still seem to be leaving their doors unlocked or windows open, which leaves them vulnerable to thieves everywhere.
    • Solution: The security of your home is always a top priority. With SmartGlow's line of sensors, you'll know when someone has breached any part of the house- whether it be by entering through an open window or knocking on a door. When someone opens a window, SquareGlow notifies you by flashing a red light; when they ring your doorbell, it flashes in blue (or green). The system also alerts you if anyone approaches from outside - this can help keep an eye on children playing nearby so that no one ever feels unsafe again!
    • Quick & Easy Set Up:
    1. Register your products: Start by registering each device in the SquareGlow App by following the on-screen prompts.
    2. Personalize your control: Once your products are registered in the SquareGlow App, all of our SquareGlow receivers, window sensors, door sensors, doorbells, etc can be controlled from anywhere right out of the box – with no hub needed. 
    3. Control your home while you’re away: Enjoy control of your smart home devices no matter where life takes you – from on the road to on the beach. When you’re out-of-home, you’re still in control.
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