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Meet the Owner

Julio Rodriguez
Julio Rodriguez founded the company in 2017. He already had a passion for assistive technology and worked diligently to develop enhanced smart home assistive technology for people with deafness. Julio has worked in every part of his business including: sales, engineering and the development of his own brand called SquareGlow.
Julio is a passionate Entrepreneur, Visionary, and the Engineer of SquareGlow products. He is a self-taught businessman with a hearing-impairment and has used this personal insight to improve the overall quality of people’s lives. Julio possesses a first-hand understanding of the importance of life-enhancing technologies that alleviate the potential challenges. Furthermore, he was born into a hearing loss family and experienced a childhood immersed in both hearing loss and hearing communities, ultimately arming him with an intimate knowledge of to anticipate people’s needs. Julio strives to create lasting positive influence in people’s lives, as a thought leader within the assistive technology sector. By successfully leveraging the power of technology, personal experience, innovation and his service-driven entrepreneurial spirit, Julio is set to make a significant impact on individuals and families impacted by hearing loss. SquareGlow, is one of many life-enhancing initiatives on the horizon, so please keep checking in.
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