The wireless entrance alert door chime notifies you when your doors or windows are opened with SquareGlow receiver. 

It is very easy to install, just mount the small transmitter and magnet to any door or window and plug the remote receiver unit into any SquareGlow receiver, that’s it, No wiring required.


Main Features:
Be alert when any opening device is opened without pushing anything. 
Simple to use and easy-to-install without the hassle of running any wires 
With up to 500FT operating range in open space
Eye-catching indicators alert you when the doorbell can't be heard 
Expandable, allowing you to pair various transmitters to the receiver 
Using learning code to prevent interference from other wireless transmitters 
Smart memory, automatically save selected colors after a power outage 
High quality, approved with CE, FCC, and RoHS certification


SquareGlow Sensor