Sound & Light

Phone Line


Add-On TapIt

Belt Clip Alert

How it works...

  •  System is made up of transmitting devices and receiving devices which can all be completely wireless

  • A doorbell/button transmitter and/or a phone line transmitter can be used to signal the receiver(s)

  • The receiver(s) glow a custom color when signaled by the user's chosen transmitter(s)

  • One of fifty-two ringtones can also be used per transmitter signal to emit an unmistakable 120 decibel alert

  • All SquareGlow products are interchangeable so it can be personalized with endless possibilities 

Product Specifications...

  • Wireless range of up to 600 feet

  • Unlimited number of paired devices
  • Receivers can be battery operated or plugged in

  • 7 customizable colors

  • 52 ringtones up to 120 decibels

  • Waist belt clip & all SquareGlow products compatible

  • FCC regulated & approved
  • All SquareGlow Products have a 1 year warranty!