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SquareGlow is a deaf owned company with deaf employees, all aimed at bettering the lives of those in the deaf and hard of hearing community?


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Why Choose SquareGlow...

SquareGlow is a versatile system that can be used to aid in communication and awareness in the home, office, school, vehicle, and anywhere life takes you. SquareGlow has helped thousands of people know what is going on in their home and even gotten them back to work with ease. With SquareGlow, a phone call is never missed, a doorbell never goes unanswered, and person to person communication is made easy.

The sleek, clean looking design of the receiver can be placed on a surface or mounted on the wall without being an eyesore. In addition, the Tap-It belt clip can be worn for even more of a mobile friendly alert with vibration too. Multiple types of transmitters can be used to signal the receiver(s) for several different alerts.

With 7 customizable color choices, 52 different ringtones, and up to 120 decibels, an alert will

not easily go unnoticed.